Covid-19 Crisis in Brazil

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£80 will feed a family of 4 for 1 month. 

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£35 will feed a family of 4 for 1 week.

Click on the basket below to donate.

HELP US RAISE £5,000 before the end of April
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The team at Happy Child International are very aware that the second wave of Covid-19 is still running rampant in Brazil.   The country surpasses 12.4 million confirmed Covid cases and 307,000 deaths.  

This news is a stark reminder of the crisis continuing to develop in Brazil.  The pandemic has made conditions even harder for families living in poverty especially children and young people who are suffering most. Happy Child is supporting the work of the Ammar Transforma project to reach out to families, children and young people in the Joanna Bezerra community, Recife, North East Brazil.


Families, children and young people are impacted by:

  • Poor access to basic hygiene facilities including clean water and soap

  • Social distancing is difficult in densely populated communities

  • A lack of economic resilience and high levels of unemployment.  The poorest families have seen their meagre livelihoods dry up.

  • In poor communities there is inequality in the ownership and use of digital equipment to access appropriate state benefits.

We are seeking funding to help families, children and young people who are in crisis. We are asking for your help with the HAPPY CHILD FOOD BASKET APPEAL to raise £5,000 before the end of April

Help us provide 3 crucial items:

  • Food baskets for families and children in the vulnerable  

  • Hygiene kits for families and children in the Joanna

  • PPE equipment for front line health workers helping in this community

JOIN US in this time of crisis

  • A one off gift of £80.00 will buy a basic food basket for a family in need for one month

  • A one off gift of £35.00 will buy a buy a basic hygiene kit for a whole family for a month including face masks, soap and cleaning material.

  • A one off gift of £15.00 will supply PPE equipment for a month for one medic/health worker.

The need is great, the crisis acute and there is still so much to be done for children and young people and their families suffering in this pandemic.




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