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Instituto Solidare

Instituto Solidare has a strong track record of working with poor and marginalised communities in Recife and other parts of Pernambuco, North East of Brazil.

It's an organisation with a vision to contribute to the formation of citizens who are aware of their potential to become agents of social transformation in their own context.  Their values are based on ethics, solidarity, human rights, and democracy through citizenship. 


We believe the quality of life and livelihood’s of the vulnerable young can be improved through employment and income generation, skills training and the circular economy, working with young people aged 16 and over, from Recife, Jabotao das Guararapas and Panelas, enabling them to find employment.

A training programme hosted at Instituto Solidare provides a vehicle to lift the vulnerable young out of poverty. Although 40% of the training is focused on acquiring technical skills for industrial practices the other 60% concentrates on the psychosocial development of these young people.  Here the emphasis is on building self-esteem and resilience, improving interpersonal skills, and learning practical skills around budgeting and finance.

Skills Training and Mentor Programme Coordinator Paulo Rodrigues says “All too often young people living in poverty are considered disempowered, passive or helpless.  My experience is that they are in fact full of grit and determination, to be admired and respected.  Through the project, we want to harness these qualities and keep directing them.  We select forty young people aged between 16 and 17 from the vulnerable communities where we work ” 

When the skills training is completed, the project enables those looking for work to continue receiving support through a mentoring scheme.  This is a vital part of the project as it helps to build relationships with young people.

Ana has journeyed through Instituto Solidare’s educational programmes from the age of 9, where she regularly participated in after school projects.

She came from a poor family where there were 7 people in the household, a very small house and a community where violence is rife and sadly the norm. With the support of our partner Solidare, Ana found resilience and overcame barriers that her family are still proud of even today.

Not long after completing her training and with mentoring support, Ana got work with a company in Recife. Today she works in a professional role in logistics. Ana tells all her friends that “although she has come from a disadvantaged background, the opportunities Solidare has given her has made all the difference in overcoming what was holding her back”   to complete

“Everyone has the opportunity to conquer the future” 


67 The High Street, Leatherhead, KT22 8AH   UK   - Tel: ++44(0) 7483 455656

UK Registered Charity No:1116809

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