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Happy Child International’s 2024 Easter Campaign

Bring Easter joy to our babies in Recife, Brazil

Easter is all about new life. We work with young vulnerable mums who are bringing new life into the world, often in the most difficult of circumstances. 

Project Coordinator Amanda says “All these young mums come from vulnerable communities and their situation is truly precarious.

They have many practical needs.  One of the things Project Gathering provides after the birth of a new baby is a New Born Necessity Kit.  The kit provides items like a bath towel, a nappy changer, nappies, cot covers, baby oil, soap, etc.   Helping with these basic needs can really be a source of encouragement to the new mums”
This Easter donate a New Born Necessity Kit for the 30 mums we support in Recife, Brazil

A gift of £30.00 would buy one New Born Necessity Kit.

This Easter we would like to raise £1,000 toward New Born Necessity Kits.

30 supporters giving £30.00 will help us reach our target.

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