We protect children and teenage girls who are socially vulnerable and at risk, who have been referred to us by local authorities and other child protection agencies.


We have a unique project-home in the North East of Brazil to care for teenage girls who may have been sexually abused, or have endured different forms of violence, or are pregnant and have nowhere to go. Some of them are already mothers from the age of 14 and arrive in our project with their babies.


We ensure every child and teenager girl referred to us by the local authorities access opportunities to develop their full potential. We secure some of their basic rights like arranging legal documentation, legal representation, reconnection with family members, and access to vocational training.


We ensure that every child and teenager girl referred to HCI returns to education.

We prioritise immediate care, protection, access to opportunities and return to education.


Empower our children today!

67 The High Street, Leatherhead, KT22 8AH   UK

Tel: +44 1372 375848

UK Registered Charity No:1116809

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