Currently, Happy Child International is working with 2 Church-based organisations in Recife North East Brazil.  Instituto Solidare and Ammar Transforma to deliver its vision “every child deserves to reach his or her full potential”. Happy Child’s goal, through collaborating with local partners is to be proactive in sourcing affordable educational support and training for children and young people who are marginalised and vulnerable and who may have discontinued their education. Additional educational and vocational training opportunities would be expected to help them improve their prospects for returning to education and give them the motivation to both continue studying and eventually to find work in the future. This will help to reduce the inequality of choices that they have and lessen the likelihood of them being pulled into riskier behaviours and situations.  Such programmes provide adult support, mentoring and accountability which is so often lacking in their lives.

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Instituto Solidare

Instituto Solidare has a strong track record of working with poor and marginalised communities in Recife and other parts of Pernambuco, North East of Brazil.

Ammar Transforma

Amar Transforma brings transformation to people’s lives, foster better learning and training as well as taking care of very vulnerable children, young people and their families.

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Stories and Testimonies

Happy Child's vision is to create a world where every child reaches his or her potential.  Read the stories and testimonies of the young people we have helped, whose lives have been transformed. 

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