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Dish out Tender Loving Care this Christmas

Despite Christmas being the best time of year for most little ones, many others are living in poverty and are unable to enjoy the festive season.  Our partners Ammar Transforma and Instituto Solidare want to help families to dish out tender loving care on Christmas Day!

The goal is to provide a special food basket for at least 400 low-income families in the communities they support. This year, following two very challenging Covid related Christmas periods for children in Brazil, we would like to make their Christmas a brighter one.

Giving out special Christmas gift boxes will: 
  • Enable struggling families to feel included in the celebration of Christmas and its traditions 
  • Enable very low-income families to show care for their own children as they prepare a special meal
  • Enable the contents of the gift box to provide food and nourishment over the whole of the school holiday period into 2023.

Happy Child International would like to contribute £2,000 to this Christmas campaign and invite you to join us in making Christmas brighter for all the children and young people we are reaching.
Foodbasket image one
The cost of each Gift box is £30.00 and will include a few “luxury” items: a chicken and a panettone as well as one or two age-appropriate items for the children and young people
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