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Happy Child International Privacy Policy 

Happy Child is a Christian charity working with street children and children at risk  registered in England and Wales Charity No 1116809. Our company number is  05935028 and our registered office is Happy Child International, 67 High Street,  Leatherhead, Surrey, KT22 8AH  

We provide services funded by donations, including those made by individuals who  want to support the work of Happy Child International For these reasons, we will  process and retain certain information to enable compliance with the law and to  protect the interests of the charity as a provider of services to the beneficiaries we  work with 

For the purpose of this Policy ‘us’ ‘we’ and ‘our’ refer to Happy Child 

Your privacy is important to Happy Child International. This policy provides  information about the personal information Happy Child collects about you whether  online through the website (eg through ip addresses or downloading pages from our  website), via phone, mobile, e mail, letter or other correspondence or at times  through attending an event or contacting us directly. This policy explains how we  collect it, use and store it and what this means for you. We also have specific terms  and conditions for the use of the website 

How we collect your personal Information 

You may give us your personal information directly but we are also able to collect it  indirectly. This can be through a donation on fundraising sites such as Just Giving or  Charities Aid Foundation. It can be from Social Media communication channels such  as Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, or similarly through public available data i.e. the  Charity Commission or Companies House and information published in Newspaper  articles, blogs. Third parties will ask you whether you are happy to be contacted by  us and we will not use your information to contact you without explicit permission  given by you via these sites. When we ask you for your personal information, we  will give you the choice not to receive our communications and to opt out from  receiving post, telephone calls and e mails. 

We commit to not giving or selling your personal information to any other  organizations, except those that are employed directly to raise funds or manage a  fundraising event for us 

How we store your personal information 

Happy Child will only process Personal Information  

  • To process any donation, we receive from you 

  • For administration purposes e.g. to contact you about an event you have  registered for or a donation you have made 

  • To provide you with any specific information you have requested

  • To send you regular communications which you have requested. This could  also include asking you to raise or donate money to our charitable causes. 

Where it is required or authorized by law e.g. the financial conduct authority (FCA)  require us to keep financial transaction information for 7 years 

At the charity we aim to store your personal information securely and guard against  data theft. Your data is accessible to certain staff members and volunteers who are  being made aware of new data protection ruling. We aim to regularly review who  has access to our database. 

Happy Child will take reasonable technical and organizational precautions to prevent  the loss, misuse or alteration of your personal information. 

When we have to use external outfits to support our fundraising operations then any  data we forward to the aforementioned we aim to use password protected files. 

External Service Providers 

If you use your debit card or credit card to donate to us, we will ensure your  payments is processed securely and in accordance with Payment Card Industry  Data Security Standard. We do not store your credit card or debit card details  following the completion of your transaction. 

When you are using our secure online donation pages, your donation is processed  by a third party payment processor, who specializes in the secure online capture and  processing of credit and debit card transactions. 

Retention of Personal information 

Your Personal Information required for the agreement will be retained as follows 


  • Personal information 

  • Special Categories of Personal Information                                                           

Retention Time

  • 7 years from the last donation. If  you have given a donation. 2 years since your last contact  with Happy Child if you have not  given a donation

  • 6 months after the activity it was  collected for


The information you have provided will be retained and used for two years after you  last communicated with Happy Child unless you ask for your details to be deleted.  However if there is a legal requirement for us to retain your data we will do so for that  purpose. Eg we may need to retain your contact details if you have made a donation.

Your Rights in relation to your Personal Information


  • the right to be informed – covered by this Privacy Policy 

  • the right of access – you have the right to make a Subject Access Request  asking for information about , or copies of, the information we hold and the  way it is used 

  • the right to rectification – you may update or amend the information we hold  about you if it is incorrect.  

  • the right to erasure- request the deletion or removal of personal information where there is no compelling reason for its continued processing ∙ the right to restrict processing – you can request that we stop any processing  if the information we are processing is incorrect 

  • he right to object – to processing relating to marketing and profiling ∙ the right to lodge a complaint with the information Commissioner’s Office  (  


We will only use the means of contact that you request and you can change your  mind at any time about how we keep in touch with you by calling 01372 375848 or mailing: 


The Data Protection Officer can be contacted via :

  • Email: 

  • Phone: 01372 375848 

  • Post: Caroline Taylor, Happy Child International, 67 High Street,  Leatherhead, Surrey, KT22 8AH

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