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Happy Child's Fundraising

Happy Child is helping vulnerable families in fragile communities in the North East of Brazil, but we could not do this important work without help from you. 

Fundraising events are a hugely significant way of bringing in resources needed to create a positive impact on the lives of vulnerable children and young people.


Why not hold a fundraising event of your own?

One very beneficial way of helping Happy Child is to organise your own Fundraising Event.  This can be as fun, challenging or creative as you choose.  Anything from baking cakes, singing songs, climbing the highest mountain or swimming lengths, holding a coffee morning or shaving your head.  These are just some of the ideas and initiatives that were taken by our Happy Child Superheroes to raise an incredible amount that has really made a difference in the lives of young people from the poorest communities in the north of Brazil.

"Thank you.  I have been able to change the course of my life and take up a life time opportunity to study.  I could not have done this on my own.  I am enjoying my course and will one day have a job in logistics.  This is a dream come true."

One of the students on the Skills and Training Course.


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To Sponsor someone:

Click on the Walking Boots to donate or sponsor someonone.

Your gift will help to change someone's life.

Thank you.

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You can also donate by POST by sending a cheque to Happy Child International, at: 

67 High Street, Leatherhead, Surrey, KT22 8AH.


Please remember to Gift Aid, click HERE to download our gift aid form.  


You can write or update your will. Write your will online in 30 minutes with professional support from FAREWILL, the largest will writer in the UK. 


Click HERE to write or update your will. 

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