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Hear from the young people on the Mentoring and Training Skills Project 2

We have prepared a special challenge for you our supporters. We invite you to write a prayer for one of the young people featured below. All four of them attend the Mentoring and Training Skills project which Happy Child International is supporting. Write your prayer in the box below and we will return your messages directly to the young people.

Each young person filled a form with their answers and chose an avatar to represent them. This was done as a way to protect their privacy. They gave their permission to publish their requests in this way and really look forward to receiving your replies.

The young people on the mentoring and training project have had a tough time recently with the record breaking floods in their community. It has been a time of crisis not just for them but for their families. Many of them have lost everything in the floods.

Thank you so much for engaging with them and encouraging them in this way.

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