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Updated: May 25, 2023

Join us on Saturday June 17th 2023

Happy Child International has been operating for 30 years. Despite the turmoil of our times I believe it is our continued role to support the vulnerable children and young people of Brazil. If we do not then these suffering children and young people will be forgotten and left behind.

Like all charities Happy Child International depends on the good will of you our generous and committed donors and supporters. Your giving enables the vital work we are doing in Recife, north east Brazil to continue. Its more vital than ever that we on board our donors and supporters if our work is to continue.

Be inspired that you have helped over 120 young people to complete the Mentoring and Training Skills Project over the last 3 years. Out of 2022’s cohort over 50 % of those young people got into full time paid work on a proper salary. This is a fantastic achievement lifting them and their families out of poverty. The remaining trainees continue to receive mentoring and help to find work.

Currently there are over 50 children a week from low income communities participating in educational clubs that we support helping them stay in school and out of trouble. Its vital that we continue to support these projects.

One fundraising initiative which has been very successful for us is our annual fundraising walk. Every summer we host a group of walkers and take them on a guided walk organised by the charity. Learn more about the walks

This really works for us. Its low cost and relatively easy to do once you have decided on a good walking route. Make sure you check the route out a few times before you take your supporters with you !! That way there is no danger of everyone getting lost and in advance do your risk assessment sheet.

Walking is not only easy for most people, it’s also really good for you, and a fun thing to do, all at the same time. Walking boosts your mood, exercises your heart, and provides all the benefits of fresh air and a healthy dose of vitamin D. What’s not to love?

Join the Happy Child International Surrey Fundraising Walk on Saturday 17th June 2023. The walk covers 14 miles of Surrey’s most beautiful open spaces where you will observe the wonderful wildlife that inhabits these natural beauty spots.

You will have fun, enjoy the company of others and be supporting a great cause.

  • Written by Caroline Taylor, Head of Operations for Happy Child International


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