In Brazil, we support some of the most vulnerable and at-risk children and teenagers

32 million children (6 out of 10) live in poverty in Brazil.

(UNICEF 2017)

In Brazil, 30,000 mothers are aged between 10 & 15 years old.

(Brazilian Government Health Report 2015)

20.3% of children and teenagers, aged between 4 - 17 years, have their rights to education violated.

(UNICEF 2017)


In Recife, North East Brazil, we have a unique project to help pregnant teenage girls (aged 12 to18) who have become vulnerable to exploitation and violence; who may have been sexually abused or are pregnant and have nowhere to go. 


With unstable families, these young teenagers arrive with no sense of value or self-worth. We provide 24/7 care in a safe and secure home, fostering emotional stability and well being.  Our project provides a programme of psychoeducation to rebuild confidence and self-esteem.  We motivate and support the girls to access the public health system where they can receive further medical support. Structured activities in the home are geared towards empowering them. We teach about health, their rights as citizens, nutrition for themselves and their babies and family planning.   Our ultimate aim is to reintegrate the young teenagers and their babies back into school, their communities and family.

Watch the video to meet the children we help and to learn more.


  • Over 11,500 street-connected children rescued, rehabilitated and reintegrated back into their families and communities in Brazil.

  • Happy Child, Belo Horizonte, South East Brazil, registered charity 86782884/0001-57 became self-sustaining in 2011 and is now focused on prevention work in the poorer communities of Belo Horizonte.

  • The implementation of Happy Child in Recife, North East Brazil, in 2007.

  • The opening of our Girls & Babies projects in 2014, with the continued financial support of Happy Child International UK.

  • Partnerships to help accelerate local funding with the government and other agencies in Recife, with the aim of becoming self-sustainable.

  • In 2015, we forged a major corporate partnership with the Recife law firm Lima & Falcão.

  • The implementation of Happy Child, Angola through our Brazilian partners Crianca Feliz and the Central Baptist Church Belo Horizonte.


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