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Covid-19 Crisis Brazil

Food Basket Appeal

Give now to help families, children and young people who need food as a result of the Covid crisis. 

Help us provide 3 crucial items:

  • Food baskets

  • Hygiene kits 

  • Personal protective equipment for front line health workers helping in this community.

The team at Happy Child International are aware that Brazil is still recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic crisis.  

The pandemic has made conditions even harder for families living in poverty. Happy Child is supporting the work of the Ammar Transforma project to reach out to families, children and young people in the Joanna Bezerra community, Recife, North East Brazil.

Families, children and young people are impacted by:

  • Poor access to basic hygiene facilities, including clean water and soap

  • Social distancing is difficult in densely populated communities

  • A lack of economic resilience and high levels of unemployment.  

  • In poor communities, there is inequality in the ownership and use of digital equipment to access appropriate state benefits.

How your donation will make an impact:


will buy a basic food basket for a family in need for one month


will buy a buy a basic hygiene kit for a whole family for a month including face masks, soap and cleaning material.


will supply Personal protective equipment for front line health workers helping in this community.

TThe needs in the North East are pressing in the post Covid – 19 pandemic crisis that Brazil is still experiencing.   There is still so much to be done for children, young people and their families.

Happy Child International works with Christian partner Stewardship to facilitate on-line giving via its giving platform  All on – line giving and reclaimed Gift Aid is transferred into our charity account in an efficient and timely way at the end of every calendar month.  

Your donation is imperative at this time as we strive to respond to the crisis in Brazil.

It's wonderful to have you collaborating with us in what God is doing through us. 


Thank you.

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