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Out of the Rain

Several hundred children roam the streets in Recife every night, most nights of the year. It rains about 171 days in a year.

The children come from lowland communities formed on the marginal wetlands of two major rivers crisscrossing the city. Their shacks are built on reclaimed wetlands and are subject to flooding every rainy season. These communities are densely populated and intensely poor.

 Both at home and out on the streets, these children are exposed to the rain, both the water that comes from the sky and the threats to their well-being that seem to trickle down incessantly. 

They need to get out of the rain! The rain we want to spare them is the threat of violence every day, the enticement of drugs, the real possibility of being sexually exploited, as well as the experience of abandonment and rejection by their own families. 
Happy Child International collaborates with three projects in Recife to provide educational and vocational opportunities and protection from violence for these children. This is done through three different initiatives, one directed at young children in regions called Coque and Tamandare then a second initiative is with teenagers exploring vocational
opportunities in the Coqueiral region. The third initiative, a brand-new programme, focuses on preventing teen pregnancy.  This spring, Happy Child International wants your help for each one of these initiatives:
  •  Supporting young children to regain their footing in school
  • Improving teen’s vocational success
  • Empowering teens to avoid unwanted pregnancies
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