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Empowering Communities Through Education

Updated: Mar 5

In February this year, the Chairman of Happy Child, John Doddrell, decided to dedicate part of his vacation to a good cause: offering English classes to 40 low-income teenagers from the Coqueiral community and nearby areas, in Recife.

This initiative not only demonstrates Happy Child's commitment to promoting access to education, but also reflects its empathy towards those facing socioeconomic challenges. These English classes provide teenagers with valuable language skills while, additionally, as part of the “The Mentoring and Skills Training Project” programme, they aim to open doors to educational and professional opportunities that would otherwise be out of reach for them. Furthermore, as it is carried out in the community itself, the programme also strengthens community ties and demonstrates a tangible commitment to local development.

Join us on the mission to transform lives and build a better future for children and young people around the world!

Support Happy Child and be part of this journey of positive impact. With your support, we can provide education, care and opportunities to those who need them most.

  • Written by Priscila Assis and revised and translated by John Doddrell

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