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Happy Child’s Visit to Recife, North East Brazil, February 2023.

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Jefferson and his family, live in Sapo Nu. He attends the mentoring and skills training project.

We are in Recife, North East Brazil visiting our partners and the communities they assist.

This is Happy Child International’s 30th year and we are starting 2023 in an exciting way with an early visit. We want to build on our vision of a world where every child and young person realises their full potential in a safe and secure environment.

We have already been so encouraged by the resilience and hope in the children and young people who we have come into contact with.

Follow our itinerary this week.

  • Thursday 9thFebruary 2023

The last day of a wonderful visit to the projects which are collaborating with us. Today we visited the low income Coque community. It was wonderful to meet not only the staff but also the children. They were busy learning their numbers with teacher Vanessa. It was fun to share time with the children and be part of their world for a day.

  • Wednesday 8th February 2023

Today we were able to meet with young Mums who are being helped and supported by the Gathering Project which is run by our partner in the Coqueiral / Sapo Nu community. This is a project working to lower the number of unwanted pregnancies among teenagers. It supports and 15 pregnant young Mums from low income families. We visited the homes of two of the Mums which was VERY humbling. The project is doing excellent campaign work in local schools to raise awareness about the risks of early pregnancy and how to prevent this from happening.

  • Tuesday 7thFebruary 2023

We finally arrived at the project we should have visited yesterday. It was wonderful to get to know the team at this project and see the work they are doing with the children and young people. They are working educationally with 500 children and young people directly from low income families of Tamandaré. Amazingly they serve almost 1,500 daily meal to the children and young people. It is a very well run and well organised operation. We were so impressed.

  • Monday 6th February 2023

Today it rained in Recife. A lot of rain! The city comes to a standstill. We had to change our plans for visiting another project. We will now go to tomorrow.

  • Sunday 5th February 2023

On Sunday we were warmly welcomed at the Igreja Batista de Coqueiral. It was lovely to be with our friends and colleagues again. We really enjoyed the service.

  • Saturday 4th February 2023

Visiting the Sapo Nu community. So happy to re connect with some of the families we met last year. 12 months ago Teresa was expecting another baby which has now arrived safely. We also met some new families in this community for the first time.


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