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To our friends and partners in Recife

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Dear Friends and Partners in Recife,

We have been shocked and dismayed to see news of the unprecedented rainfall and terrible floods that you are experiencing in Recife!

It is only a few weeks since Caroline Taylor and I were together with you, walking along the narrow alleys of your fragile communities in Recife. From the pictures that we have seen, these alleys have become like torrential rivers, flooding your homes with filthy water and threatening the lives of young and old.

Although much of the infrastructure for your work has been destroyed, we will continue to support you and help you to rebuild. We offer our prayers that the rains will stop. We pray that you will find the strength and ability to continue with our shared mission of providing the children and young people in the poorest communities of Recife with continuing protection and care; with education, and with access to opportunities that will break the cycle of poverty.

With sincere good wishes from us all at Happy Child,

  • John Doddrell Chairman of the Board of Directors of Happy Child International

31st May 2022

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