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Light of the World – Sharing your light with the young people of Recife

Updated: May 31

The 2024 World Weekend of Prayer for vulnerable children unites hundreds of thousands of children and adults across the world in prayer. This prayer campaign is an initiative of Viva, an international charity whose vision is for all children to be safe, thriving and learning – and living life in all its fullness. The WWP will take place on June 1st and 2nd with the theme Light of the World based on John 9:5 where Jesus says: “While I am in the world, I am the light of the world.”

Rede Mãos Dadas -- a Brazilian network of 60 organizations dedicated to a well thought out Christian response for the problems faced by vulnerable children -- has promoted the prayer movement in the country since 2003. The theme, Light of the World, was taken by the Brazilian network to mean that we must ask Jesus to shine his light in every dark corner of a child’s life, especially those places where they are forced to keep secrets that hurt them.


Happy Child International will partner with Rede Mãos Dadas by inviting people in the United Kingdom to pray for the young people of Recife. To that effect, we are joining an effort to hear what the young people from Mentoring and Skills Training Project are asking. You are invited to visit this website, choose ONE young person, read his or her requests for prayer and then LEAVE A PRAYER in writing that will be delivered to them in person! 

This is a unique opportunity to listen to the heart of a young person, on the other side of the world, whose life circumstances are so far from your own, and yet, discover their hopes and dreams. You will bless them with your prayer, they will bless you with their uniqueness and (in most cases) zest for life.

  • Written by: Elsie Gilbert

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