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Listening To The Hearts of Young People

Happy Child International is partnering with the Mentoring and Skills Training project in Recife, Northeast Brazil.  40 young people from low income families are being equipped for the local job market so they can better support their families. In the first week of June we were delighted that they collaborated with our Brazilian partner’s annual prayer campaign.  It gave the young people a real chance to share what’s on their hearts and to feel cared for and supported.

Rede Mãos Dadas prepared excellent online material to engage 24 of Happy Child’s committed supporters to respond to the young people’s specific requests. We are sharing feedback from them and from our supporters about their experiences of the campaign.

Lynn: “It was lovely to learn a little bit about each young person, to encourage them, to sow a few seeds along the way and to play a very small part on their journey of faith”
Rhonda: “Praying for these precious young people was a joy.   It was helpful getting information from each one of them telling me a bit about themselves.  Many of them were keen to get a job and provide for their families.   It was wonderful to read about their hopes and dreams and the difference they want to make in their communities.  I felt like I was doing something practical, meaningful and to bless a young person.”
Sue: “Praying for these young people brought me closer to them”
Liz: “It was very special to be part of the campaign.  I learnt a little about one young person. It has left me with admiration for what this young person can accomplishing and thank God for being along side him.  I will be very happy to be part of the prayer campaign again”

The young people from the Mentoring and Skills Training Project reply:

Ellen Raquel 17 years old “Thank you for reading my prayer which expressed exactly what I felt.  Thank you for taking some time out to think about me.  This has meant a lot”
Grazielly 18 years old  “Thank you to everyone who replied to me.  I was so happy and surprised to receive your replies.   They really encouraged me and cheered my day up.  Please know that I will be thinking about each of you and your families.”
Ketyllyn Klenia 18 years old  “You prayers are helping me overcome the difficult things I am facing in my life.  They give me courage and strength to keep persevering.  Thank you for thinking of me”

  1. Card that supporters received with prayer requests

  2. Card with prayers sent to the teenagers

  3. Moment of delivery and sharing of prayers with the teenagers

  • Written by Caroline Taylor

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