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Nurturing Hope in a Time of Crisis

Happy Child International believes that all children should reach their God Given potential. In 2021, we worked with two Brazilian partners to nurture hope in a time of crisis. Here is their message to us…

They say that children are the future. For mothers, fathers and many grandparents in Recife,

they are very much the present.

For each day of 2021, they practiced hope. And you, Happy Child International, were instrumental in nurturing this hope in several practical ways.

Our children infuse our days with hope

“My dream has always been to give to my children what I never received, the opportunity to study” says Jeanne, Mayra’s mother.

Despite an insecure source of income compounded by the pandemic, her daughters were able to study, watching their classes on a small phone screen and receiving the encouragement of coaches from The Mentoring and Skills Training Programme .

The house was kept clean and food was prepared by a Mother for her daughters. “God provided”, she said.

A powerful ray of hope from Happy Child International: regular monthly food baskets and hygiene kits were given to this single parent family, keeping them safe at home through the worst days of the pandemic.

“I wake up at 5:00 am every day to see my daughter out the door. I prepare her breakfast and will not let her give up.” Says Indiara, Carol’s mother. “My husband died when she was 10. She is all I have.”

Carol’s mantra comes from her favorite author, Augusto Cury: “Nobody is worthy of the oasis if they don’t learn to cross their own deserts.”

The Mentoring and Skills Training Programme opened the the doors for Carol. She is now working as an intern at Gerdau, a leading company in the production of long steel in the Americas.

Hope is active

She wanted to come to Ammar’s evening school program. But she is too young. Instead, she got a smile and a big piece of cake.

Hope is resourceful

During the pandemic, the old roof fell in. “He is my helper. We rebuilt the house with the emergency relief money and our own labor. I did the tiles, Mateus did everything else.” Says Mateus’s mother about her 18-year old son.

Resourceful and conscientious, he feels the weight of responsibility for both his mother and his disabled grandmother

Home bound, he created an online business with five of his classmates from The Mentoring and Training Programme. The micro business has been a success!

Hope looks for joyful moments

Julia’s make up brings her so much pride and joy!

Something else brings her joy: being part of the evening classes, interacting with her teacher in a friendly, caring environment.

Julia belongs to Projeto Ammar’s educational club that meets twice a week in the evening. Clubs like these provide extra educational support to children coming from families living on or below the poverty line.

Hope is strategic

Mother and Father have big dreams for their only son Leo. They always have a plan and an eye for new opportunities.

Father wanted his son to become a soccer player, Mother’s dream had to do with music.

He is both musical and athletic but…

“I think, what I would really like to do is work with numbers…” Leo says with a small shrug and a grin.

Leo has been encouraged to think about his future through the The Mentoring and Training Programme. He is on his way… a good strategy is vital when you are multi-talented!

For each day of 2021, they practiced hope. It was a very difficult year. They emerged victorious, thanks in part to your contributions. They send you a message of hope, hope that endures, hope that is focused on the present, hope that shows love in small gestures.

They wish you a blessed 2022 filled with joy and hope!

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