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One Day at a Time: Adriana’s year

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

When we visited this lady, back in October of 2021, she told us about her struggles with her children. One of her children, an adult daughter, in her thirties, has a boy and a girl currently living with grandmother. Both receive help from Projeto Ammar Transforma

The grandmother lamented the fact that the father of these children had been murdered and the mother had struggled with drug addiction for a long time. She was away at a drug rehab institution, effectively leaving her children without both parents.

Projeto Ammar Transforma approached this family while interacting and visiting the orphaned children. They are enrolled and attend the project regularly. They have already benefited from dental and psychological care and participate in the after-school activities that take place at night.

We recently decided to go back and ask how things are going. And here, we received very good news! The mother completed the rehabilitation program, did several professional workshops to help with income generation.

Throughout this time she received mentoring from one of the volunteers of Projeto Ammar Transforma and the people from YWAM (Youth With a Mission). She continues taking steps, one day at a time, to re-establish herself as a daughter, sister, mother, neighbor, worker, but mainly as a worthy woman who is already accepted by God as a valuable person who should dream and expect great things from her future.

  • Adriana* at a Cake Making Workshop hosted by Projeto Ammar Transforma;

  • Adriana giving her testimony to others at Projeto Ammar Transforma with Coordinator Carla;

  • Adriana volunteering at the project and helping one of the other families at Projeto Ammar Transforma;

  • Adriana being prayed for by her pastor.

written by: Caroline Taylor, Head of Operations da Happy Child

*fictitious name

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