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The Three Sad Moments of Project Gathering’s First Year

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Amanda Verusk leads The Gathering Project which this year has followed 18 young vulnerable mums between the ages of 16 and 21. It has also ensured the safe delivery and ongoing care of 19 babies. Yes there were twins! Throughout the year the project has connected with these young women at least 40 times. Several workshops and seminars were delivered. Part of the Gathering Project’s vision is to campaign in schools and civil society about the prevention of early teenage pregnancy.

We asked Amanda to tell us about her three joys, three sorrows and three dreams. Here is what she had to say about the sad moments they endured together. In our next post we will hear from her about the three Dreams she has for the near future.

1. Death of a premature baby

On the 22nd May 2023 a beautiful little girl called Helloa Vitoria was born prematurely with her intestines outside her body. She had to receive emergency surgery. Her Mother, Doralice, who is 17 years old, was very worried when her little girl had to go into Intensive Care. On the 31st June 2023, after nine days in hospital, she passed away. It was a sad day for all of us on the project, and all of the mums supported Doralice and her family members in the best way they could. Today Doralice is receiving pyschological support and will continue to be helped by the project.

2. Food insecurity

The Gathering Project deals with people who are socially vulnerable and who face food insecurity. Often they may not eat all day or they may eat food that is not nutritious which in turn affects their physical, cognitive and emotional development. It’s very sad for us when we realize that a Mum has gone a long time without food.

3. Lack of income

The mums who register with the project often come from families who do not have a fixed income or in certain cases access to state benefits. The majority have no income, no job, and live on social benefits or donations and help from family members. Sometimes we feel overwhelmed and hard pressed as to what help will be more relevant because there are so many needs.

In our last part of this series, Amanda will talk about three dreams that keep her and her team motivated to continue the work with pregnant teens.

  • Written by Amanda Verusk, Project Gathering Coordinator

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