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Stronger Together in Faith –World Weekend of Prayer

Happy Child International is a Christian organisation. Every year we celebrate the World Wide Weekend of Prayer for vulnerable and at risk children. It is usually marked over the first weekend in June. This year it is celebrated on a very auspicious weekend which is the Platinum Jubilee of our Queen, who herself and over her reign has manifested a strong and steady Christian faith.

Happy Child International puts a high value on the power and effectiveness of prayer. It has been a strong tool and weapon in our armoury to fight the cause for the vulnerable children and young people we are serving. For the last 29 years our faithful supporters have joined us to pray regularly I cannot thank you our supporters enough for praying with us.

Today there is much to still pray about. The Covid pandemic has shaken us all, it is still shaking the world including all of those we are helping and supporting in Recife, North East Brazil. The devastation, grief and fragility of families is ongoing.

Just this week we heard the terrible news that unprecedented rainfall has engulfed the communities where our partner projects are working. This overwhelming flooding has destroyed homes, offices and the day to day infrastructure that supports the delivery of vital work with vulnerable children and young people. The weather has left scenes of unbelievable destruction, devastation and loss in this region and in communities that we visited very recently.

However, despite such a time of crisis for those we know and work with, this special Weekend of Prayer gives us a moment to reflect. We can reflect on the good things that our partner projects have been able to provide for the children and young people under their wing. Through their steadfastness they have provided hope in a time of crisis, practical support and help at a time when many children and young people lost access to familiar spaces, lost family members and loved ones.

They have shown commitment and dedication to providing food and health care when many families had lost employment and their livelihoods. Children and young people have experienced stress, pressure and anxiety during this last year but our partners have been there to build resilience and to demonstrate encouragement and perseverance.

As we approach this weekend each one of us may reflect on how we can contribute to the wellbeing and welfare of the children, young people and Christian partners Happy Child International is serving now.

It may be through courageous action or through praying regularly for our work or through your generous giving. Certainly all our resources pooled together will bring blessing to those who urgently need our help.

  • The World Weekend of Prayer takes place this year around the world on June 4th and 5th.


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