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Covid Appeal

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Forty-four (44) million girls and boys have been kept away from the classroom in Brazil in the last 18 months. Five (5) million children are not going back. No attendance at school increases the number of child labourers roaming the streets in the big cities of Brazil.

The worst crisis in a century for the whole world, Covid-19 is still running rampant in Brazil. The country surpasses 18.8 million confirmed Covid cases and over 525,000 deaths. These figures are a stark reminder of the severity of the situation. The pandemic has made conditions even harder for children and young people in fragile communities. So many are on the cusp of being forced out of their homes by hunger, poverty and domestic violence. These are desperate times.


According to Rede PENSSAN, a grassroots Brazilian network dealing with food security, 117 million Brazilians lack consistent access to enough food during the first year of the pandemic. Twenty-two (22) million families who would have received emergency aid last year are not receiving it this year. Radical cuts have been made to state benefits. The inequality gap widens. Lack of economic resilience, meagre livelihoods drying up, and very impractical social distancing policies for the poor who already live in cramped conditions, are all factors fuelling a critical situation.

Our Brazilian front line partners need our help.

  • They deliver invaluable services to low income families in fragile communities. With your help, so far, 300 families have received supplementary food provision and hygiene kits. Help us provide for more families.


Health care services are struggling to cope. Three quarters of the Brazilian population depend on the Public Health System. Neo liberal health policies, harsh austerity measures and the freezing of the Federal Budget for healthcare for 20 years have seriously affected healthcare provision in Brazil. Again the inequity of poverty impacts accessibility to appropriate care. Ensuring families are safe and protected is a top priority.

  • Volunteer health care providers are standing in the gap. The regular distribution of masks, anti bacterial hand gel and other effective alcohol cleaning products helps to keep families protected from the virus and contain its spread. Urgent PPE provision to volunteer Doctors and Health Care workers means supplementary health care services can continue to operate. This work plays an important role in building up community resilience and ensures that families receive the care they need. Help our partners reach out to the community with supplementary health care.

Poor children do not have access to digital equipment to enable on-line schooling. The urgent roll out of remedial acceleration programmes can significantly help children and young people from low income families to catch up on their education. Our partners are setting up small safe learning groups to help children catch up on their school work. It gives the children hope and opportunity.

  • Our front line partners have all the know-how and experience to deliver but they need our support in order to continue the work they are doing. Help our partners equip their learning environment with the appropriate technology.

Join us in being part of the solution to a growing crisis:

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