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Happy Child International's Summer Fundraising Walk 2nd July 2022

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Like all charities Happy Child International depends on the good will of you our generous donors and supporters. Your giving enables the vital workwith vulnerable children and young people in Recife, North East Brazil to continue. Fundraising is the main focus of our operations in the UK.

One fundraising initiative which has been very successful for us is our annual fundraising walk. Every summer we host a group of walkers and take them on a guided walk organised by the charity.

This really works for us. Its low cost and relatively easy, to do once you have decided on a good walking route. Make sure you check the route out a few times before you take your supporters with you !! That way there is no danger of everyone getting lost and in advance do your risk assessment sheet.

Walking is not only easy for most people, it’s also really good for you, and a fun thing to do, all at the same time. Walking boosts your mood, exercises your heart, and provides all the benefits of fresh air and a healthy dose of vitamin D. What’s not to love?

This year our walk is on Saturday 2ndof July 2022. It will be a great opportunity to be guided through some of London’s best open spaces and see some of the wonderful wildlife that inhabits these natural beauty spots.

The route covers Wimbledon Park, Wimbledon Common, Richmond Park, , The Thames River, tow path to Teddington Lock and Bushy Park, finishing at Kingston Bridge. There is an option for a shorter walk.

Walkers can meet at Wimbledon Station at 9.15am. The walk finishes at Kingston Bridge at around 5.45pm

This year the funds raised will go towards the Mentoring and Skills Training Programme ran by our church-based partner InstitutoSolidare. It provides vulnerable young people (16-18 year olds) from fragile communities, in Recife, North East Brazil with the vital skills they need to enter the job market. The programme is making a life-changing difference by enabling young people to have a better future and lift their families out of poverty.


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