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Happy Child’s House of Commons Fundraising Evening – December 9th 2021

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Today I am relieved to write that Happy Child’s 2021 Fundraising Dinner went ahead as planned at the end of last year. It was touch and go. Right up until the day I wondered if it would really happen. Would a phone call come through to say “Its off!” But no, we slipped through the door. Standing in front of the tallest Christmas Tree in Westminster Hall I finally believed that “All would be well!”.

On the night the charity received 100 guests, everyone dressed in their Christmas finery. The mood was buoyant.

Our Patron and local MP Sir Paul Beresford hosted guests from the House of Lords, the Diplomatic Corps, the Business world and of course many of our faithful and loyal supporters and donors.

It was a great opportunity to meet those getting to know our work for the first time and those who have been faithful to the charity’s vision over many years.

Drinks were served, a sumptuous dinner eaten and then "oops" suddenly we are running behind schedule. Would there be time to show the vid, do the talk, take the auction and raise the funds? As the rain started to fall outside Auctioneer Addison swung into gear and by 10.30 pm the last raffle prizes were being drawn.

It felt a huge victory to reach the finish line and to leave the House with a tidy sum for a good cause. Thank you to everyone who bought tickets and supported the evening. Come and join us at the next one …………

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