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No young person should be left behind

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

We are excited that young people are securing work placements through the Mentoring and

Skills Training Programme. This is tremendous news because we know that in Brazil, the

proportion of young people (ie between the ages of 15 to 25) who are neither working or

studying was 23.0% of the population in 2019, rising in 2021 and during Covid - 19.

Alarmingly in all areas of the North East Region, more than a ¼ of young people in this age group are neither studying or working (Synthesis of Social Indicators: An Analysis of Living Conditions in the Brazilian Population 2020).

Brazilian legislation lays out a framework for young people from the ages of 14 to 25 to participate in training programmes and complimentary learning through apprenticeships in large and medium sized companies. Over the years our partner has developed good relationships with a large local Iron and steel company to facilitate these kind of opportunities for those from low income families.

Programmes like the one our partner is offering can empower young people to learn a skill, embed them in the labour market, and provide life changing opportunities, especially those from low income families who want to better themselves. It’s a known fact that more educated people register a better occupation, higher earnings and much more chance for social mobility. That’s why we are 100 % committed to working with our partners in this way. Read Larissa’s story in our Newsletter.

Not for profits like Happy Child International are working with its Brazilian civil society partners to help change the landscape for the vulnerable young in the North East region of Brazil. As the country comes out of one of its worst crises Happy Child International wants to continue to bring transformation to the lives of the next generation.


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